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Monday - Saturday  8am - 5pm

Call for appointment. 503-324-9958

 EXPERT HOT TUB REPAIR . . . .ALL BRANDS. . . . . WE CAN HELP WITH YOUR HOT TUB PROBLEMS . . . . .  >PRO HOT TUB SERVICE . . .HOT TUB RECONDITIONING . . . .USED SPAS . . . . EXPERT IN HOME REPAIR SERVICE  r>SKILLFULL AND PROFICIENT HOT TUB RENOVATION . . .REMAKE . . . .RENEW . . . .REFRESH . . . . .REGENERATE . . . .  r>Have a spa that needs to be renovated? Need a quality hot tub at a great price? We can help with both. Call or go to our web site.    503-324-9958    EXPERT HOT TUB REPAIR AND SERVICE.Our repair department is dedicated to providing prompt, courteous service to owners of hot tubs needing attention. We pride ourselves on being professional in our actions and appearance, and well trained and competent in our work. One-on-one communication with our clients is the primary distinction that sets us apart from all others. Because our industry is very specialized, it is our practice to be current in the state-of-the-art, through continuing education, and participation in industry events. We utilize testing equipment and tools specifically suited to the tasks we perform and follow established procedures to diagnose and affect only those repairs that are needed. The nature of our work allows us to visit some of the most beautiful back yards in the state and the working conditions allow satisfying flexibility and independence. We are proud to be a part of the hot tub and spa industry and hope our clients find good value in the services we provide. EXPERT HOT TUB REPAIR . . . .ALL BRANDS. . . . . WE CAN HELP WITH YOUR HOT TUB PROBLEMS . . . . . . We do it all. Trusted for over 20 years. Let the experts help you with your spa. WWW.MYUSEDHOTTUBNW.COM OR    503-324-9958    Your one stop hot tub experts. KEYS; HOT TUB SPA JACUZZI HOT TUB REPAIR OREGON SAUNAS SERVICE CALLSlEAK aIR bLOWER mOTOR bUTTONS CHECK VALVES INJECTORS AMP PLUG PIN TOOLS BATH JETED CONTROLS PAC CABLES VALVES CIRCUIT BOARDS BREAKERS CIRCULATION PUMPS CONTACTORS PACKS CORDS RECEPTACLES EQUIPMENT SYSTEMS FILTER CARTRIDGES PARTS FITTINGS PVC FLOW SWITCHES FREEZE FUSE GASKETS GFCI HEAT HEATER HI-LIMIT JETS LIDS WEIRS LIGHTS KITS TRANSFORMERS MANIFOLDS ELECTRICAL HARDWARE O-RINGS O RING OZONE OZONATORS PILLOWS PLUMBING PRESSURE SWITCHES PUMP SEALS .FREE SPA REMOVAL.LET THE EXPERTS HELP YOU WITH YOUR HOT TUB We want your spa.Removing spas for 20 years. Have the manpower, equipment, and know how to safely remove your spa or hot tub. We remove spas at no charge free to you. All spas recycled. If we can do something with your spa we can remove it for free. Thousands of spas removed over the last 21 years. We can remove fences, decks, ECT to remove a spa. We can remove hot tubs in working order or not. We have specialized training to safely remove your spa without damaging your property.We respect your home, others dont. A spa is a big challenge to move. Crane available. Let us know how we can help you with your spa. Moving a hot tub is best performed by an expert. E-MAIL now to set a time for us to remove your spa for free. Other companies charge $300-$900.00 to remove a spa we do it for free. SPA RECYCLING. GOOD FOR THE EARTH.GOOD FOR YOU. Tell us about your spa: Location, size, brand, cabinet condition, age, removal route, Digital controls, Shell color. The more you can tell us the better. Pics of the spa and removal route will also help. Please leave a phone number.    503-324-9958    THE ORIGINAL SPA REMOVAL EXPERTS. 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Emerald 799 Cal Spas D303 Emerald 895 Sequoia 1500 Cal Spas D304 Emerald 899 Sequoia EL80 Cal Spas D305 Emerald 90 Sequoia Kiwi Cal Spas D306 Emerald 95 Sequoia SL650 Cal Spas D307 Emerald 95 Sequoia SL750 Cal Spas D308 Emerald Aloha Sequoia SL850 Cal Spas DIJ401 Emerald Bali Hai Sequoia XL1000 Cal Spas DIJ402 Emerald Bar Harbour Sequoia XL2000 Cal Spas DIJ403 Emerald C2009 Sequoia XL4000 Cal Spas DIJ404 Emerald C3009 Sequoia XL8000 Cal Spas DIJ405 Emerald C5009 Cal Spas DIJ406 Emerald C7009 Cal Spas DIJ407 Emerald Conway Ambiance Seven Seas Baltic Cal Spas GX49 Emerald EZ 1 Cal Spas H901 Emerald Kiwi Cal Spas H902 Emerald Kona Cal Spas H903 Emerald Vantage Seven Seas Double Lounger Cal Spas H904 Freeflow Spas CLX10 Cal Spas H905 Freeflow Spas Legend Cal Spas H906 Freeflow Spas Passport Cal Spas H907 Freeflow Spas RLX16 Cal Spas H908 Freeflow Spas TLX14 Cal Spas I601 Gordon and Grant Redwood Softtub 25 Cal Spas I602 Great Lakes Avanti Elite Softtub C230 Chameleon Cal Spas I603 Great Lakes Escape Softtub Hydromate II Cal Spas I604 Great Lakes Huron Softtub T140 Cal Spas J501 Great Lakes Huron Classic Softtub T220 Cal Spas J502 Great Lakes Huron Elite Softtub T300 Cal Spas J503 Great Lakes Huron Encore Solana RX Spa Cal Spas J504 Great Lakes Jubilee Solana SX Spa Cal Spas J505 Great Lakes Keweenaw Solana TX Spa Cal Spas J506 Great Lakes Leelanau Phoenix Cal Spas J507 Great Lakes Leelanau Cygnus Cal Spas J508 Great Lakes Leelanau Cal Spas S702 Great Lakes Legend Cal Spas S703 Great Lakes Legend Cal Spas S704 Great Lakes Mackinaw Cal Spas S705 Great Lakes Mackinaw Cal Spas S706 Great Lakes Manistee Cal Spas S707 Great Lakes Manitou Cal Spas S708 Great Lakes Michigan Classic Cal Spas S709 Great Lakes Michigan Elite Cal Spas SKS24 Champion Great Lakes Michigan Encore Cal Spas SKS25 Challenger Great Lakes Cal Spas SKS47 Olympian Great Lakes Cal Spas SQ400 Great Lakes Ontario Spas Direct Nassau LX Cal Spas SQ43 Great Lakes Ontario Elite Spas Direct Neptune Cal Spas SQ63 Great Lakes Ontario Encore Spas Direct Neptune LX Cal Spas SQ800 Great Lakes Ottawa Spas Direct Oasis Cal Spas SQ88 Great Lakes St Claire Spas Direct Paradise Cal Spas SQ92 Great Lakes Sunlighter Spas Direct Paradise LX Cal Spas V100 Great Lakes Sunlighter Encore Spas Direct Paradise TV Cal Spas V150 Great Lakes Superior Spas Direct Phoenix Cal Spas V200 Great Lakes Superior Elite Spas Direct Phoenix LX Cal Spas V300 Cal Spas V400 Cal Spas V500 Cal Spas V600 Cal Spas V700 Cal Spas V800 Caldera Alpine Caldera Aruba Caldera Aspen Caldera Aspire Orion Caldera Barrego Hawkeye Spas Venue Caldera Cascade Hot Springs Accolade Caldera Cumberland Hot Springs Classic Caldera Elation Hot Springs Envoy Highlander Caldera Geneva Hot Springs Family Spa Caldera Hawaiian Hot Springs Grandee Caldera Kauai Hot Springs Highlife Streamline Caldera Laguna Hot Springs Home Spa Caldera Lassen Hot Springs Hot Spot Family Spa Caldera Martinque Hot Springs Hot Spot Hot Spot Caldera Meridian Hot Springs Hot Spot Hot Spot II Caldera Monaco Hot Springs Hot Spot Mallorca Caldera Niagra Hot Springs Hot Spot RE Caldera Olympia Hot Springs Hot Spot RLX Caldera Palomer Hot Springs Hot Spot SE Caldera Ponderosa Hot Springs Hot Spot SLX Caldera Ranier Hot Springs Hot Spot SLXtra Caldera Riviera Hot Springs Hot Spot Sorrento Caldera Sequoia Hot Springs Hot Spot Tobago Cyclone Caldera Shasta Hot Springs Hot Spot Trinidad Caldera Sierran Hot Springs Indoor Outdoor S Imperial Caldera Spirit Hot Springs Jetsetter Caldera Summit Hot Springs Landmark Caldera Tahitian Hot Springs Personal Spa Caldera Tahoe Hot Springs Prodigy Caldera Teton Hot Springs Solana   Avalon Hot Springs Solana RX Catalina Balboa Hot Springs Solana SX Corner Catalina Belair Elite Hot Springs Solana TX Lounge   CL 100 Hot Springs Sovereign   CL 200 Hot Springs Summit   CL 300 Hot Springs Tiger River Bengal   CL 400 Hot Springs Tiger River Caspian   CL 700 Hot Springs Tiger River Khyber   CL 760 Hot Springs Tiger River Manora S Ultra   CL 900 Hot Springs Tiger River Siberian Sundance Alegro   Columbia Hot Springs Tiger River Sumatran Sundance Altamar   Condo Hot Springs Tiger River Tondi Sundance Aruba   Coronado Elite Hot Springs Vanguard Sundance Aspen   Coronado Limited Hot Springs Vista Sundance Austin   Daytona Hydro Spa Duchess Sundance Bahia   Delmar Hydro Spa Empress Sundance Bali   El Camino Hydro Spa Endurance Sundance Caberet   El Cortez Hydro Spa Lexxus Sundance Calypso   Hawaii Hydro Spa Millenium Sundance Cameo   Hawaiin Hydro Spa Monte Carlo Sundance Capri   Hilo Hydro Spa Omni Sundance Caprio   Jamaican Hydro Spa Princess Sundance Cayman   Kingston Hydro Spa San Marco Sundance Corum   Kona Hydro Spa Siesta Sundance Cyprus   Limited Hydro Spa Solaris Sundance Fiesta   Malibu Hydro Spa Stamina Sundance Gemini   Manhattan Hydro Spa Stratus Sundance Hartford   Mariah Hydro Spa Tiara Sundance Laguna   Maui Hydro Spa Venice Sundance Liberty   Maui stereo spa Hydro Spa Vitalizer Sundance Los Cabos   Maxi XL Jacuzzi Aero Sundance Madison   Miami Jacuzzi Alexa Sundance Majesta   Millenium stereo spa Jacuzzi Cambio Sundance Marin   Monterey Jacuzzi Capri Sundance Maxxus  Nautilus Jacuzzi Caressa Sundance Metro   Neptune Jacuzzi Celeste Sundance Montego   New Yorker Jacuzzi Circa Sundance Nova   Oceanus Jacuzzi Cirrus Sundance Oasis   Oceanus stereo spa Jacuzzi Corsica Sundance Olympia   Omega Jacuzzi Delfino Sundance Optima  Samoa Jacuzzi Espree Sundance Palermo   Santa Barbara Jacuzzi Florence Sundance Rio   Santa Cruz Jacuzzi J 210 Sundance Royale   Santa Rosa Jacuzzi J 220 Sundance Silverado  Sapphire Jacuzzi J 230 Sundance Solo  Sedona stereo spa Jacuzzi J 320 Sundance Sonoma   Solitude Jacuzzi J 330 Sundance Suntub  Spectrum Jacuzzi J 340 Sundance Supra   Tiger Jacuzzi J 350 Sundance Supra Lounger  Trinidad Jacuzzi J 360 Sundance Tango   Ventura Jacuzzi J 370 Sundance Telluride  a Viper Jacuzzi J 380 Sundance Vail   XL 10000 stereo spa Jacuzzi Lazor   XL 11000 Jacuzzi Lexus   XL 12000 stereo spa Jacuzzi Meridian   XL 13000 TV stereo spa Jacuzzi Palio   XL 14000 Jacuzzi Pinnacle stereo spa   15000 stereo spa Jacuzzi Quanta SS  16000 Jacuzzi Quantum   2000 stereo spa Jacuzzi Razza  21000 Jacuzzi Santina     22000 Jacuzzi Sienna   23000 Jacuzzi Solaris   3000 stereo spa Jacuzzi Tirage   4000 Jacuzzi Triton stereo spa   5000 stereo spa Jacuzzi Vectra T   6000 Jacuzzi Venterra   7000 Jacuzzi Verona   8000 Jacuzzi Virage Thermo Spas Olympian   9000 stereo spa Jacuzzi Z 100   Chalet Lx 1500 Jacuzzi Z 110   Chateau Jacuzzi Z 115 Phoenix Charisma Spas Chateau Lx 1500 Jacuzzi Z 120  . 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